Our services consist of 4 steps and each step is preceded by the approval of the customer.

Agreement Check

Check and advise of trade agreements; especially binding conditions, LCs, delivery and payment terms of supplier.

Product Check

* Verification/confirmation of quantity and type of products.

* The capture of digital images of products and sending them via SMS/email to the company.

Customs Check and COORDINATION

* Check and verification of customs documents (invoice, packing list, COO etc.).

* Organisation and/or coordination between customs broker and the seller.

* Provision of all necessary documents for compliance of trade.

* Scanning and sending of customs declaration form as proof of export to the customer.


* Organisation of shipment via road or ocean as per request of customer.

* Preparation of shipping documents.

* Negotiation of the freight rates and costs.

* Scanning and sending of the CMR or BL and as proof of shipment.